Alamo Sam - Mexican Hot Chocolate


  Smooth chocolate goodness meets a kick in the pants from the sweet chili peppers. It's a beer with a Kick! 

Hoppenheimers Little Boy - Imperial IPA


Just like its namesake, this is a Hop Bomb, hop forward tastes, with an imperial's  traditionally higher ABV, lend itself nicely to this staff favorite. 

Sour Puss Raspberry Lime Sour Ale


Sour Puss is a Raspberry Lime Sour Ale made with 22lbs of raspberry purée and a gallon of lime juice. This was made special for the South Shore Solstice Fest and named by our owner’s son Liam.

Stand with Weymouth


Our take on the collaboration created for the anniversary of the tragic events that took Officer Michael Chesna and Vera Adams from their families is a Honey Berry Blonde Ale made with 20lbs of fresh raw honey and berry purées to give it a hint of sweetness and the fresh crisp flavors of a pale summer ale. Huge credit to Barrel House Z  for organizing this Weymouth brewery collaboration and allowing us to continue in the tradition of honoring the sacrifice of our first responders who put themselves in harms way every day. 

Blue Falcon


“Blue Falcon” is our newest fall Imperial Stout. Beautiful aromas of toasty malts, rich chocolate, and coconut give way to silky sweet dark chocolate flavors, and mild toasted coconut which provides a nice smooth finish. 

Basic Training


Our “Basic Training” Spiced Pumpkin Ale is like pumpkin pie in a glass with delicious notes of fall spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg as well as lactose for pie-like smoothness. You won’t want to miss this one! 

Give Me Stout or Give Me Death -


Our Coffee stout is a crowd pleasing favorite. A lighter body makes for an easy drinking coffee festival happening on your taste buds.



 49-0 is the latest collaboration with Brockton Beer and is a Double IPA that pays homage to one of Brockton's greatest champions Rocky Marciano. This unfiltered Double IPA has been aggressively hopped, giving you a haze like you just took a punch from the champ himself. This juicy IPA is packed with fruity and floral flavors that will have you seeing stars! 

Do Damage


 In Honor of the Home team winning it all. We have this new IPA we  laughingly call, Do Damage. It is an IPA with a hoppy front and a light citrus backbone, that like our home team, finishes strong in the late innings with a, mild chili pepper finish.  

Prescott's Ride NEIPA


Smooth: Balanced and juicy this NEIPA is a kicked up version of our Revere's Ride. Samuel Prescott finished his ride, and you finish yours too!

Midway Tropical Ale


A smooth ale with hints of pineapple, passion fruit, mango, orange, lemon, and pear.  Perfect for sipping while kicking back in the sun with your feet in the sand!

Rising Sun Blood Orange Hefeweizen


A wonderfully bright crushable German Style Hefeweizen made with Blood Orange Puree and lightly hopped with German Huell Melon Hops to give it its distinctive orange zest aroma and blood orange flavors. A wonderful summer Hef for these early sunny days!  

Spiced Pumpkin Ale


Where Pumpkin meets Heaven. One sip and the nose of fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, all spice and clove dances on your tongue. Add a cinnamon sugar rim, and drinking your pumpkin pie has never been more in reach.   

MO' Gunpowder Triple IPA


Part 2 in our Gunpowder Series, this Triple IPA is a Hazy Juice Bomb of primarily Mosaic Hops and a ton of Mosaic Lupulin Powder. Maybe the best beer we've ever made? Certainly the Hoppiest! 

Game Night Pale Ale


Our Pale Ale "Game Night" brewed in partnership with Brockton Beer Company.  Crisp and light, this beer is perfect for summer!  



“Liberators” is our very first traditional German Festbier. Liberators is a full malt-rich bodied, lightly hopped, crisp seasonal lager. Especially brewed for the Festbier season. This beer truly represents the Bavarian way of celebrating. Deep Amber in color, great mouthfeel and lots of flavor. 

A.R. Aiden Rice Coconut Topped Key Lime Pie IPA


Proceeds are being donated to the Aiden Rice Recovery Fund. It is a super creamy super smooth,  lime coconut milkshake IPA.

Ma Deuce


Ma Deuce, our flagship DIPA, is a full-bodied and hazy hop-forward IPA with just the right amount of citrus for a smooth finish.

Reveille Coffee Milk Stout


Smooth as silk, cold brewed flavor with milk sugar to balance out the bitterness. A coffee stout that will wake up your taste buds!

Artillery Boots



This juicy, hazy, mosaic and citra hopped NEIPA was made in collaboration with our partner Brockton Beer Company. 




Our Honey Blonde Ale is a delicious malt forward ale made with 29lbs of Honey straight from the hive! 

Thin Blue Line


Fans of lighter beers with juicy finishes just love this Hefeweizen. With or without fresh blueberries you are in for a great beer experience! 

Black Ops


This super smooth Blackberry Berliner Weisse has just the right amount of tartness balanced with a sweet refreshing finish.



"MOAB" is an incredibly big, bold, juicy, Hop BOMB of a beer. After the initial 4lbs of boil hop additions, this epic brew is Dry Hopped with 22lbs of Lupulin Powder and Cryo Hops. That’s the equivalent of 44lbs of dry hops in one batch! Bold Mango, Tangerine, Peach, and Orange flavors come through with the hop explosion in every sip. Truly a hop lover’s beer and definitely one you can’t miss!  

Screaming Eagle


Our “Screaming Eagle Belgian” is an IPA with the fruitiness and spiciness derived from the use of Belgian yeast and Belgian traditional hops as well as fruity American hop varieties. This beer has a more complex flavor profile due to marrying of the malts, Belgian Yeasts which give off peppery, earthy notes, and hop varieties that impart the citrus flavors we have chosen.  



“Chocolatier” which is an Imperial Salted Caramel Chocolate Stout made with Gowell’s finest homemade candy of Brockton MA. Gowell’s supplied us with 6lbs of Salted Caramel and 3lbs of Raw Dark Chocolate for the creation of this special collaboration between Article Fifteen Brewing, Gowell’s Homemade Candy, and the minds behind Brockton Beer Co. This beer is deliciously smooth, abounding with thick salted caramel flavors, and loaded with rich creamy chocolate. You are going to want to drizzle this stuff on your dessert!  

La Resistance



“La’ Resistance” is a deliciously smooth, decadent Imperial Stout that brings together all the yummy goodness of Cinnamon French Toast into a glass! Aromas of maple syrup, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla swirl with every sip of this wonderfully complex brew. 



Similar to a Hefeweizen, our Dunkelweiss “Panzerschrek” is a southern German wheat beer brewed as a darker version (Dunkel means "dark") with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Phenolic (clove) with fruity (banana, bubble gum) character present in the nose. 

Battle of the Bulge


This Farmhouse Ale Saison is a light, easy drinking beer with hints of orange and lemon.