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Brewing Archive

Sgt Peppers Mango Habanero Ale


A lightly sweet, fruit driven IPA  brewed with mango and kicked up with the sublime spice of hand cut, Habanero peppers. 

Alamo Sam - Mexican Hot Chocolate


  Smooth chocolate goodness meets a kick in the pants from the sweet chili peppers. It's a beer with a Kick! 

Hoppenheimers Little Boy - Imperial IPA


Just like its namesake, this is a Hop Bomb, hop forward tastes, with an imperial's  traditionally higher ABV, lend itself nicely to this staff favorite. 

Battle of the Bulge Saison


The classic Saison done with Article XV care.  Belgium meets the United States in a malty frothy brew you'll love.

Thin Blue Line _ Blueberry Hefeweizen


Fans of lighter beers with juicy finishes just love our thin blue line. With or without fresh blueberries or a cinnamon sugar rim, you are in for s a great beer experience.

Revere's Ride NEIPA


Revere's Ride is a 6.5% NEIPA with a high hop nose and low bitterness , 35 IBU, that is crushable and smooth with aromas of Citrus, mango and lime from the New Zealand hop varieties that we highlight in this flagship beer.

Give Me Stout or Give Me Death -


Our Coffee stout is a crowd pleasing favorite. A lighter body makes for an easy drinking coffee festival happening on your taste buds.

Screaming Eagle Belgian Ale - Picture to follow


With that traditional style and wonderful taste known far and wide as a Belgian ale. Our screaming Eagle delivers a like a paratrooper of flavor to your brain. 

Do Damage


 In Honor of the Home team winning it all. We have this new IPA we  laughingly call, Do Damage. It is an IPA with a hoppy front and a light citrus backbone, that like our home team, finishes strong in the late innings with a, mild chili pepper finish.  

Spiced Pumpkin Ale


Where Pumpkin meets Heaven. One sip and the nose of fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, all spice and clove dances on your tongue. Add a cinnamon sugar rim, and drinking your pumpkin pie has never been more in reach.