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Sgt Peppers Mango Habanero Ale


 A lightly sweet, fruit driven IPA  brewed with mango and kicked up with the sublime spice of hand cut, Habanero peppers.   

MA' Deuce IPA


Just like its Namesake this Flagship Staple IPA of ours is a classic. Sweet crisp hops on the front end with justthe right bitterness on the back, give you a full bodied drinking experience.

Reveille Coffee Milk Stout


Smooth as Silk, cold brewed flavor with Milk sugar to balance out the bitterness. A coffee stout that will wake up your taste buds

MO' Gunpowder Triple IPA!


Part 2 in our Gunpowder Series, this 10.5% ABV Triple IPA is a Hazy Juice Bomb of primarily Mosaic Hops and a ton of Mosaic Lupulin Powder. Maybe the best ber weve ever made? Certainly the Hoppiest! 

A.R. Aiden Rice Coconut Topped Key Lime Pie IPA


The Beers proceeds are being donated to the Aiden Rice Recovery Fund, It is a super creamy super smooth,  Lime coconut milkshake IPA, 

Blue Angels Blueberry Ale


Blueberry notes and sweetness scream from the glass , filling your senses with a blueberry dream!

Prescott's Ride NEIPA

Prescott's Ride NEIPA

Smooth :Balanced and juicy this NEIPA is a kicked up Version of our Reveres Ride. Samuel Prescott Finished his ride, And you finish yours too!