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Sgt Peppers Mango Habanero IPA


A lightly sweet, fruit driven IPA  brewed with mango and kicked up with the sublime spice of hand cut Habanero peppers.   

MO' Gunpowder Triple IPA


Part 2 in our Gunpowder Series, this Triple IPA is a Hazy Juice Bomb of primarily Mosaic Hops and a ton of Mosaic Lupulin Powder. Maybe the best beer we've ever made? Certainly the Hoppiest! 

A.R. Aiden Rice Coconut Topped Key Lime Pie IPA


The Beers proceeds are being donated to the Aiden Rice Recovery Fund, It is a super creamy super smooth,  Lime coconut milkshake IPA, 

Midway Tropical Ale


A smooth ale with hints of pineapple, passion fruit, mango, orange, lemon, and pear.  Perfect for sipping while kicking back in the sun with your feet in the sand!

Stand with Weymouth


Our take on the collaboration created for the anniversary of the tragic events that took Officer Michael Chesna and Vera Adams from their families is a Honey Berry Blonde Ale made with 20lbs of fresh raw honey and berry purées to give it a hint of sweetness and the fresh crisp flavors of a pale summer ale. Huge credit to Barrel House Z  for organizing this Weymouth brewery collaboration and allowing us to continue in the tradition of honoring the sacrifice of our first responders who put themselves in harms way every day. Available in our taproom on Saturday starting 7/13 and in cans only Monday 7/15/19 4-8pm.

Revere's Ride IPA


Revere's Ride is an IPA with a high hop nose and low bitterness , 35 IBU, that is crushable and smooth.  It has aromas of citrus, mango, and lime from the New Zealand hop varieties that we highlight in this flagship beer. 

Sour Puss Raspberry Lime Sour Ale


Sour Puss is a Raspberry Lime Sour Ale made with 22lbs of raspberry purée and a gallon of lime juice. This was made special for the South Shore Solstice Fest and named by our owner’s son Liam.  

can on demand


Did you know that we Can on Demand? You can pick and choose however many you would like, of whatever we have on tap, and we'll can them for you! Swing on by for a pint and take some home with you when you leave.